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Summary Meticulous build crafted over two years of development, beautiful vint..
$3,321.20 $3,115.60
Ex Tax: $3,115.60
Summary An efficient road-style electric bike with narrow slick tires and carbon fib..
$2,341.45 $2,196.50
Ex Tax: $2,196.50
Summary One of the earliest mass produced electric cargo bikes in the US (available ..
$2,341.45 $2,196.50
Ex Tax: $2,196.50
Summary Thoughtful combination of high performance electronics and purpose built fra..
$1,921.93 $1,802.95
Ex Tax: $1,802.95
Summary Sturdy cargo bike with add-on electric kit that struggles in some areasLots ..
$2,271.53 $2,130.91
Ex Tax: $2,130.91
Summary Proven platform, Electra's Townie is comfortable, durable and stylishIncredi..
$1,922.80 $1,803.77
Ex Tax: $1,803.77
Summary Affordable full suspension electric bike with mid-grade Lithium polymer batt..
$1,743.63 $1,635.69
Ex Tax: $1,635.69
Summary Offers lots of features but isn't particularly strong or fast as an electric..
$1,743.63 $1,635.69
Ex Tax: $1,635.69
Summary Fully featured step-through electric bike offering throttle and pedal assist..
$1,656.23 $1,553.70
Ex Tax: $1,553.70
Summary Leverages BionX motor and a sleek custom designed downtube-integrated batter..
$2,796.80 $2,623.67
Ex Tax: $2,623.67
Summary Strong 500 watt motor is capable of moving heavier riders and heavier loads ..
$2,358.93 $2,212.90
Ex Tax: $2,212.90
Summary Solid frame with oversized cushy tires and seat delivers a fluid enjoyable r..
$1,921.93 $1,802.95
Ex Tax: $1,802.95
Summary Sturdy and efficient mid-drive motor system with pedal assist and throttle m..
$2,442.83 $2,291.61
Ex Tax: $2,291.61
Summary A semi-recumbent electric trike with a plastic body resembling a velomobile ..
$4,365.63 $4,095.38
Ex Tax: $4,095.38
Summary Extremely powerful and fast electric recumbent bicycle built on the KMX Veno..
$10,483.63 $9,834.65
Ex Tax: $9,834.65
Summary Classic upright commuter frame is quiet, sturdy and functional with welded r..
$2,180.63 $2,045.64
Ex Tax: $2,045.64
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